Below is a list of projects that will bring us closer each day to being a 24/7 Haitian hospital



G od has called us to come alongside the people of Haiti to use medicine as a tool to spread the gospel of Christ, and our clinic is on the cusp of having the best facility in the area. We have many, many to-do’s on our list, and as you well know, big projects mean big money. See how you can be an integral part in giving a higher quality of healthcare to thousands.



Emergency Room $3,500/mo.

Provide equipment and supplies


Dental/Eye Clinic $45K


Ongoing monthly operating costs


Pharmacy Storage $6K

Provide secure and protected storage for prescription/OTC medicine

Education Room $9K

Create a meeting room for patient education and continuing education for the staff


Incinerator GOD PROVIDED!

Build incinerator mandated by the Haitian government


Storage Area $6K

Provide more storage to keep our supplies from being destroyed by the heat

Inpatient Care $15K

Create inpatient wards inclusive of basic equipment

Lab Update $3K

Add the capability to test for more diseases

Surgery Suite $10K

Add a restroom for the surgery patients and staff, plus surgery storage

Surgery Suite Ventilation $3K

Install exterior ventilation: current inadequate ventilation could be a problem to both patient and caregiver alike





Ambulance $30K

An ambulance to transport patients to the emergency room

Microscopes GOD PROVIDED!

One microscope was damaged so two new are needed

Glucometers $20-$30 ea.

We use these to monitor patients either at their homes or at the hospital. Type 2 diabetes is rampant.

Blood Chemistry Analyzer GOD PROVIDED!

We are able to purchase this from another organization at about half price, ongoing monthly operating costs

BP Cuffs & Otoscopes $100

We always are needing more and more of these necessary monitoring items.


Laptop Computers $650

We use software that charts diseases on a map of Haiti, so if the diagnosis of a communicable disease begins in one area, we can discover its origin with computer tracking of trends (among other things). We also use them for training.

Carbon Dioxide Monitoring $3K

This is necessary for “best practice” monitoring of patient oxygen levels during surgeries.







Patient Visits $10

The cost of an average patient visit to the hospital (including medicine) is about $10 per patient. We collect about $2-$3 U.S. per patient.

Generator Costs $10/hr

The clinic is run daily by a diesel generator, that requires maintenance, parts, shipping, and a mechanic. If we break it down to the bare bones, the cost is about $10/hour.

Lab Tests $5-$7/test

As we expand our laboratory facility, the average cost per patient per test is increasing.Our average test will cost about $5-7/test, with patient fees covering about $2/test.

Maintenance Supplies $5/day

Cleaning products cost (on the average) about twice as much in Haiti as in the U.S., but we are mandated to purchase onsite due to availability.