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As the number of suspected and confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus continues to rise in Haiti, the country’s beleaguered healthcare system is being stretched beyond its limits. Test kits for the virus are often difficult to access and the negative stigma of being tested positive for the virus is keeping many Haitians from seeking adequate diagnostic measures. A dismally low number of adequately equipped ICU beds makes the access to care for those who might be critically affected a difficult prospect. Currently the hospital in Saintard is not being overwhelmed with suspected cases of the CoViD19. It remains unclear if the relatively low number of cases in the area of the hospital is due to minimal testing, the stigma of the disease, or if the numbers of cases are truly low as compared with other parts of the world. Hôpital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformée stands ready to react with treatment for not only coronavirus patients, but also for those who are suffering with other medical issues. Security and protection measures are in place to aid in social distancing. Masks and handwashing stations are in place, and PPE (personal protective equipment) is being provided for the hospital staff. Supply chain difficulties are always an issue and these problems are underscored at this time. Supplies for our laboratory are difficult to find. Certain medicines that are usually available are now only found after arduous searches. PPE is only discovered with increased effort and with increased cost. Challenges abound, but we rest, assured that God is bigger than the challenges at hand. We ask for your continued prayers as the healthcare frontlines of Haiti, as exemplified by the staff of Hôpital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformée, stand in the gap to provide hope and care for the times ahead.


Supplies to maintain a healthcare facility are greatly varied and sometimes difficult to find in Haiti. Especially now, when the supply chain is interrupted, and the access to the necessary equipment is full of challenges, we feel it helpful and necessary to fortify the frontline healthcare workers of the hospital with a shipment of supplies from abroad. Mission Haiti Medical has launched a campaign “Help for Haiti’s Healthcare Heroes” at Hôpital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformée. We hope to not only raise funds to ship supplies to the hospital, but also to find supplies to support those who are working there every day.

To purchase needed medical supplies for the campaign:

Go to MissionHaitiMedical.com

  • Click the Amazon Wishlist link
  • Click Add to Cart on items you want to purchase
  • Click Proceed to Checkout when you are finished, or you can click the cart icon at the top right of the page
  • Check your order and quantities and click Proceed to Checkout
  • For shipping use the address for Mission Haiti Medical (gift registry) and click Use this Address
  • Choose a payment method and click Use this Payment Method
  • Review your order and click Place Your Order

These needed items will be shipped to a central location, which then will be packaged and shipped to our Haitian healthcare heroes!

We also are in need of funds to pay for shipping costs:
MissionHaitiMedical.com/giving or mail a check to:

Mission Haiti Medical
P.O. Box 2252, Anderson, IN  46018

From disinfectant to alcohol to blood pressure cuffs to acetaminophen to IV tubing: the needs are great. We ask for your prayers for a “time such as this”, that the hospital staff stays safe, vigilant, hopeful, equipped, and ready to serve.  All glory be to God!

If you would like to join us in forming a healthcare alliance with the people of Haiti to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please send your contribution to the address below or click here
Mission Haiti Medical, P.O. Box 2252, Anderson, Indiana 46018