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By October 24, 2010March 12th, 2013No Comments

The treatment for cholera involves often antibiotics but always rehydration. A medical team left just last Sunday and left a good supply of IV fluids and antibiotics useful in the treatment of this epidemic. As of Saturday night (10/23) we had totally depleted the supply of IV fluids and all oral rehydration salts(ORS) that we had. Dr. Fulton was able to give them the recipe for making ORS from water, salt and sugar. This recipe was announced at church in St Ard on Sun (10/24). However, many people are vomiting so much that the oral route is not feasible and IV’s must be used. Without IV’s we were unable to open the clinic Sunday (10/24) and hope to open again Monday (10/25).

Our clinic staff has worked tirelessly putting in many extra hours doing whatever they can to keep people alive. Our hope springs for tomorrow as we search for more IV fluids in different areas of Port au Prince. The prices have been increased for the fluids so any extra donations would be helpful. Our clinic is in the epicenter of this latest bacterial “earthquake”. Because of our clinic, lives have been saved. Because of the help of everyone in our groups who has worked so many hours, lives have been saved in our clinic. Because of Christ, the clinic exists!