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Hôpital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformé

UPDATE on the Current Situation in Haiti

By February 19, 2019No Comments


Many of you may have heard that Haiti has experienced some significant unrest for almost two weeks caused by many factors; political corruption, gas prices skyrocketing, the Haitian currency losing its value and much more.  

This unrest has ultimately incapacitated many areas of the country making it difficult for families to get the supplies to meet their basic needs: food, water, medical attention, transportation, etc.  Many have been unable to work, therefore causing another issue in being able to financially provide for their families.  The people are frustrated and hungry waiting for it to end.  

Hôpital L’Eglise de Dieu Réformée has remained open, but due to the crisis the administrative team had to hire some people who are more local since many of our Port au Prince based staff could not travel to the hospital.  The outpatient clinic has been closed, so all patients have been diverted to the ER. About 40% of operating capital is derived from patient fees but since most patients during this recent unrest have had little to zero (mostly zero) funds available to pay for services, Mission Haiti Medical is fronting 100% of the costs of most treatments.  Medicine prices are already increasing as are gas prices for travel and our generator.  We are trying to be efficient, but our first priority is to meet the medical needs of those who are coming to the hospital.

We know that this is just the beginning and once the protests are finished there will be a rush to get medical attention for those who couldn’t access the hospital.  The needs will be great and we could use your help. 

  • Will you pray for Haiti, the people, and our hospital & staff? 
  • Would you consider making a donation to help with these unforeseen needs we are facing?
  • Would you help us spread the word about our upcoming increase of needed supplies and aid? 

Thank you for those who are fervently praying and for those who may help to supply the upcoming needs.   Our mission remains the same:  to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a healthcare alliance with the people of Haiti.

For more information on how you can help contact Chelsea Steiner at Chelsea@missionhaitimedical.org.


To donate go to https://www.missionhaitimedical.org/giving/.