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Outpatient Clinic


By October 1, 2011March 11th, 2013No Comments

Wonderful and exciting things are happening at our clinic. So much so, we need assistance-anything from equipment donation to training to expertise. If you can offer assistance in any of the areas below, please contact us via email at info@MissionHaitiMedical.org



With our Prosthetics Lab up and running, a Physical Therapy area is now needed. We’ve started the process of getting funding and are looking for equipment and therapists who could train Haitians,as there are no PT schools in Haiti.


We are looking into creating a lab to fabricateeyeglasses
as well. This exciting new venture has gained quite a bit of momentum and interest from Dr.’s and benefactors. With this possible new addition to the clinic, we also hope to train Haitians to work in the lab.


PRAISE! Our ultrasound machine died mid-October and one was immediately donated from our friends from the Community Health Network. God is GOOD!


We need portable x-ray units, casettes, developing tanks, etc. as we still use film in Haiti. If you have any residual supplies from switching to digital that need purging, we’d gladly take them off your hands.