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Mission Haiti Medical strives to spread the gospel
of Jesus Christ and bring medical relief to a country
where most families don’t have electricity, clean
water or basic healthcare services.  We could not
exist without our supporters lending their prayers
and provisions. This year’s gift sheet gives you an
opportunity to extend the same hope that Jesus
gave to others. Your donation is but a tool to help
others present Jesus to those who may not have
heard. Please join us as we form a healthcare
alliance with the Haitian people to share the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, as always, for your support and may
2014 bring new blessings to you and your family!
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This giving season we created a half page sheet that can easily fit into a church bulletin or Bible to easily share with others.

Simply click on the images to save and print the 2013 Gift Giving Sheets. We’ve also included a full page sheet to print and
make copies if needed. Together we can, with God’s help, make a difference in thousands of lives!

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