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By November 1, 2010March 11th, 2013No Comments

The number of cases of cholera had decreased. Our clinic is back to regular hours. Praise the Lord for the lives that were saved! Please continue to pray! They are expecting a resurgence of cholera in the coming weeks due to a hurricane that is heading their way. The damage from that could weaken a stretched sanitation system, contaminate water, etc. The hospital has totally depleted its supply of IV fluids. On November 2, at 9:30AM, a plane containing 1,500 lbs. of IV fluids and supplies from Anderson is scheduled to land in Port au Prince. Our hope is to get it to the clinic before the storm hits this weekend. We’re so thankful for all who made this happen. It was fun to watch God in action! A team from North Carolina is there now and another, mostly building, team is going in November 3rd.