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By October 27, 2010March 11th, 2013No Comments







Pastor Jean Marie reported that the clinic is still getting cholera patients. Eight patients were spending the night and 1 had passed away today. The IV fluids purchased on Monday are running low and a group will go to Port au Prince Thursday to search for more. The clinic staff is doing an amazing job-working long, long hours taking care of the overnight patients. Generator fuel is running low because we are running it more each night to accommodate the influx of 24- hour care patients.

We ask for your continued prayers for the clinic, the staff and the drain on finances and supplies.



Through our friend, Frank Williams of Sundoloi Ministries, we’re able to make connections with FedEx. FexEx has agreed to ship supplies from Indiana to Haiti at no cost PLUS they will pay for customs in Haiti! Through our friend, Theresa Belesky and others at St. John’s hospital in Anderson, IN we were able to purchase 1,500 lbs. of supplies to go in the FedEx shipment. Among the supplies are thirty cases of IV fluids, start kits and tubing. As the cholera crisis continues these items will be used to save many lives!!! God bless Frank, Theresa and others who made this happen. Until these supplies arrive next week, please to continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Thank you also to those of you who have helped us financially through this crisis! Thank you seems inadequate, but we pray that you have abundant blessings through Him!


We give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for this opportunity to serve Him!